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16.5 days in Iceland. Plenty of amazing things to see every step of the way. Some photos are good. Some are crap iphone shots. All are to remind me of my adventure.The very specific airport shuttle. No ice cream, hotdogs or beer, but video ok.I arrived well before dawn and cruised in the dark to this pink church.Somewhere near Brimketill. This is Iceland's oldest lighthouse. The original Reykjanes lighthouse was built in 1878. This one is the replacement built in 1929.Dollan cave. Essentially a hole. An exciting hole for some on the way to the Blue Lagoon.Elf house. They'll take you out at the ankles if you turn your back.There were many excellent roads empty of tourists and tour buses.There'll be plenty of shots of mountains in this gallery. I'm a fan of the mountains here.Úlfljótsvatn Church. Built in 1914 on the site of another ancient church.HjálparfossThe basalt columns around Iceland or pretty stellar. They grow in every which way.Gjáin ValleyÞjóðveldisbærinn Stöng. A reconstructed farmhouse that was thought to be destroyed in the 1104 volcanic eruption.The chapel.Þjófafoss, located on the river Þjórsá on the east side of the Merkurhraun lava fields.Merkjárfoss. There are waterfalls like this on the side of the road everywhere. If you're willing to go a couple of minutes off the road you can find ones with zero people around.My first night accommodations. Since I slept in the car all nights but two it gave me some pretty great nightly entertainment.On road F261. I think the yellow glow is the town Hvolsvöllur on the other side of the mountain. It mixed nicely with the aurora lights.There aren't many trees in Iceland so folks plant their own little forests.Seljalandsfoss is one of the waterfalls you can walk behind. It's usually a madhouse of folks. I got here just at dawn so I'd see it without the hoard. The hoards started to show up just after I left

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