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I started my trip by preloading my burrito navigator with about 70 spots I wanted to see.I made a list with directions or descriptions because when the burrito navigator speaks I can't understand the Icelandic words.To make sure that everyone experiences the Northern Lights Icelandic Air recreates it on the ceilingIceland is a small country on the fringe of the Arctic Circle.My first pre-dawn stop out of the airport was Krýsuvik-Seltún. A geothermal area full of hazards.At 1000 meters down the temperature is almost 400º.The temp above ground averages about 200º. I wanted to hard-boil some eggs but I didn't pack any.Some folks bury wrapped dough in the ground and come back the next day and pull up loaves of bread. No joke.Just tooling down some sort of road seeing what's out there.At 7 am in the morning I found myself on a mossy lava field with zero people for miles.I cruised about until I came across a turn-out on the side of the road and a big hole.Raufarhólshellir cave is 1350 meters long and has a few openings at the beginning.The rain came down and made these areas a nice mossy green.I finally came to where there was going to be no more light. I strapped on the headlamp and dove in.It's mostly large lava with ice chunks and dripping ceiling. I saw no trolls.With zero light it was hard to shoot. There was amazing colors on the ceiling from all the minerals.I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel coming back out. Since there was no one around I'm glad my ankles stayed intact.Kerið Crater. I skibbled around the rim and then jammed my fingers in the heater vent to thaw them.The Golden Circle is a day trip to see some beautiful sites.

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