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This was a direct action (protest) on Thanksgiving day in Mandan at one of the main intersections. Very peaceful. Just chanting and prayer by the natives.The faces are covered for several reasons. Warmth. Law enforcement would take photos to ID people for watch lists, later targeting or proof of participation in legal proceedings. Threat of teargas.This head was on a table along with vegetables & other food to signify the pilgrims dinner on Thanksgiving.At the end of the action one gentleman put the head on a stick.It was then reported to the locals that the protestors had a bunch of pig heads on stakes to represent their hatred and violence towards police officers. False reporting was frequent.All the direct actions I saw were very peaceful. Folks were the to chant and say their prayers or bless an area. I never saw any violence started by any protestor.Law enforcement gave out false accounts of what would happen at actions, turning the locals against the natives.Most of the cops at the scene are good folks. They are stuck in a situation they don't want to be in and have to job to do. There are a handful of shit law enforcement though, including the sheriff.The locals are told of violence and damage that never happened or was actually instigated by law enforcement.Some police would hide their names and faces.Someone had posted the names and addresses on the internet of some of the police that were present. I find that totally unacceptable.The fire extinguisher looking thing is tear gas.The police backed up from the intersection a ways.All four roads had a line of cops from multiple departments.As protestors were gathered the police sent in a tow truck to start towing cars with out-of-state license plates that were legally parked.Just song and prayer. No hateful "fuck you, pigs" was being yelled.The locals really were misinformed. I understand being angry about being inconvenienced on your drive but they were fed total lies through media.

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